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In a parallel universe where a life is in a 16-bit pixelated form, the music scene has been dominated by fake artists and DJ’s. They rise to fame and become superstars in the media because of two important tools.

The first are ghost producers they hire to make music for them so they can release it under their names. The second is a dangerous power brought from the Pit of Averno. This mystical evil power is called MONEY.

These evil creatures are known as Devil Goata, Paul Douchebag, Paris Sheraton, Steve Karaoki and Pete Bullshit.

Their goal is to destroy the love for the music in this universe by making all of it to sound the same and stupid, using a terrifying and malicious artifact known as THE TEMPLATE.

There is still chance for real music to survive. Help Dr. Kucho! on his crusade for the love of music. Fight the fake and avoid cheesy music to poison the weak minds. Find the template and destroy it so ghost producers won't be able to make music for anyone and fake artists will be forced to live by their own merits… if they can.

It’s time to send these creatures back to the 16-bit hell they came from using musical supports as weapons. Ghosts‘n DJ’s is a project born from the love of music and it’s a tribute to the arcade games of the 80’s and 90’s. No ghost programmers were used in the making of this video game.

Ghosts'n DJs is fully created and starred by Dr. Kucho!, one of the most industrious and long-standing producers and DJs ever after almost three decades in the industry, with a portfolio of more than 300 house music releases, including his latest hit “Can't Stop Playing”.

The game proudly features deadmau5, the groundbreaking electronic artist who has changed pop culture as we know it with albums such “4 × 4 = 12”, “For Lack Of A Better Name” and “Random Album Title”. He’s also critically acclaimed for his singles "Sofi Needs A Ladder", "Ghosts 'n' Stuff" and "I Remember”. deadmau5 kindly allowed the use of his tracks “Polaris”, “4Ware", “GG” and "Three pound chicken wing" to be part of the soundtrack of this game.


  • Satirical pixel-art run and gun side-scrolling action platformer.
  • Inspired by the classic arcade hit Ghosts'n Goblins.
  • Set in a parallel universe in which the music scene is being dominated by fake DJ’s.
  • 3 stages, 5 different enemies, walking and flying enemy behaviors, and one final boss.
  • 4 regular weapons + deadmau5 head as armor and super weapon.
  • 4 levels of difficulty for beginners and ultra hard core players.
  • Super fast and fluid action gameplay.
  • CRT filter for arcade feel.
  • FX sounds based on 8 bit YM2203 and MOS6581 sound chips.
  • Fully created by the house music legend Dr. Kucho!
  • Featuring deadmau5.


Ghosts'n DJs OSX.zip 78 MB
Ghosts'n DJs WIN.zip 75 MB


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A game that is clearly inspired by the Ghosts 'n Goblins franchise and themed around modern music production. Unfortunately, since I don't know much about music, I can't perceive many of the musical references that are made, but it's a solid game that could have lasted longer if it didn't have a finite number of lives, but very well done for a free game.

Deleted 1 year ago

Uploaded Windows version , let me know if everything is ok 

Uploaded new version fixing some bugs:
- behind the building at start
- stuck after hitting the ground
- parachutes stuck at building corners

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there is a Windows version on steam, please get it there

This game looks awesome!

Please upload the Windows version here too, for those of us that don't use Steam.


I will do in a few days

Cool! Thanks man.


We would be very grateful if you could upload the version for Windows. We are many who do not use Steam.


I’ll do it on Tuesday